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Transition:  Moving from School to Community

A guide to transition planning for parents and students:  

This information is intended as a guide that applies to most students.  Since ages and steps may vary for students, the involvement of parents/guardians is vital at every step.

Developed by Illinois Department of Human Services/ Division of Rehabilitation Services, Maine Township High School District #207 and Niles Township High School District #219

1.   Complete transition needs questionnaire/surveys/interest inventories.
2.   Explore recreation and leisure interests.
3.   Discuss medical needs and therapies.
4.   Develop independent living skills.
5.   Begin early career exploration.
6.   Explore summer employment options.
7.   Increase self advocacy skills.
8.  Complete an IEP transition plan.  Develop post-secondary goals.
9.   Students with an intellectual disability should complete/update the PUNS (Priority of Urgency of Need for Service) through
      their PAS (Pre-admission Screening) agent (e.g. Community Alternatives Unlimited).
10.  Review transition plan and services.  Revise if necessary.

1.  Attend career event for students with special needs.
2.  Discuss supplemental social security (SSI) and social security work incentives (SSWI).
3.  Discuss home services and assistive technology.
4.  Discuss and visit residential programming options as appropriate.
5.  Determine transportation needs/mobility training.
6.  Explore case management regarding residential programs/waiting lists.
7.  Consider placement on residential waiting lists.
8.  Consider referral to a school work program.
9.  Review transition plan and services.  Revise if necessary.  

1. Complete vocational interest survey.
2.  Discuss supportive employment and job coaching.
3.  Access career counseling and job shadowing.
4.  Consider school based and community work experience programs.
5.  Obtain driver’s license and/or state ID card.
6.  Explore legal representation: estate planning, guardianship, wills, and trusts.
7.  Attend college fairs, college career nights and/or transition fairs.
8.  Review Transition Plan and services.  Revise if necessary.

1.  Enroll in vocational education classes, as appropriate.
2.  Discuss taxes and medical insurance.
3.  Investigate financial aid.
4.  Consider vocational evaluation.
5.  Discuss mental health services.
6.  Establish graduation date.
7.  Visit campuses and post-secondary training programs.
8.  Revisit residential programs.    
9.  Take ACT, SAT or IAA.
10.  Explore SSI and medical benefits.
11.  Discuss adult agency options with DRS, PAS Agent, etc.
12.  Apply for reduced fare card and/or Paratransit Door-to-Door services.
13.  Consider guardianship, power of attorney, wills and trusts.
14.  Review transition plan and services.  Revise if necessary.

1.   Apply for postsecondary vocational services.
2.   Apply to college and/or trade school, and contact disability services and supports coordinator.
3.   Explore apprenticeship programs.
4.   Explore options for accessing therapy/counseling and or other community agencies.
5.   Refer to adult service providers and include in transition planning meetings.
6.   Confirm student’s legal status for self representation.
7.   Apply for income support (SSI), public aid (Medicaid), and general assistance.
8.   Consider guardianship, power of attorney, wills and trusts.
9.   Discuss and/or plan for delegation of educational rights.
10.  Register to vote and (for males) selective service.
11.  Secure high school records for planning/services.
12.  Contact case management agency that coordinates funding for in-home and residential supported living in the community.
13.  Review transition plan and services.  Revise if necessary.

1.   Identify and access recreation/leisure options.
2.   Identify and access postsecondary services.
3.   Investigate and/or confirm day programs and workshops.
4.   Review transition plan and services.  Revise if necessary.